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binary affairs


rob daiker


Rob Daiker is a unique, powerful artist who brings his wealth of experience as both musician and producer to the stage. Since age sixteen Rob has pioneered his own sound and carved out unique pop landscapes in the music industry. From touring with bands such as the Dan Reed Network, signing his own project to a major record label, to producing acts such as Katy Perry and The Fame Riot, his experience extends to every aspect of the artistic process.

Yearning to follow his creative vision in new directions, Rob Daiker began work on Binary Affairs in early 2015. Dark yet hopeful, Binary Affairs is an album full of personal yet intensely danceable music. The first single released, “Superhero” displays Daiker’s energetic personal sound with an explosive, lyrical narrative of power and redemption. Rob’s follow-up, “Random Error” delves into the unpredictable nature of love and its ability to ensnare us, all explored through haunting electronic darkness. Binary Affairs is an album which explores the depths of emotion and the connections that haunt and thrill us all.



Binary Affairs